SABIS - Alumni in the Spot Light - Deborah Sedem Nyamuame

Alumni in the Spot Light - Deborah Sedem Nyamuame

Deborah Sedem Nyamuame, class of 2011, takes pride in coming from the ISC- Choueifat which shaped her and opened for her many doors of opportunities in her career path as a creative professional. Her work in the SLO sparked her interest in design as she recreated the student-run newsletter and her participation in high school musicals enriched her with the experience needed to become a performer. Today, she runs her own creative studio where she strategizes, designs, writes, and coordinates newsletters for brands and aims to someday release music of her own. She is also the creator of an online archive of traditional African history, "Our African History".

"When you are older and you look back, you can see so much in SABIS® school life to be thankful for" - Debbie