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In 2004

July 31st 2004 marks the launch of an association that is intended to be a source of strength and pride to all of us.

It continues to be our aim to inculcate in our students a spirit of brotherhood and to give them a world class education that equips them with the 'ability and the morality to face the challenge of their times.'

Our message to you is to maintain and nurture the friendships you enjoyed during your schooldays, and to advocate and propagate dialogue and communication across national, social, cultural and ideological barriers. We urge you to continue to strive for and support what is morally and ethically right, thus contributing to the strengthening of the fabric of society.

Let us all work together in concert and remain united by the vision of a better tomorrow for all.

-- Ms. Leila C. Saad

In 2020

Dear fellow alumni,

Our members have put down roots in their ISC-SABIS® schools. Where they were nurtured, guided, educated and in the process cherished memories were made. These roots kept us powerfully attached to the same ground that shaped us to become the people we are today. Welcome to our association’s new website. Hope it meets your expectations and helps keep us closer.

Merely 16 years ago, in 2004, the International School of Choueifat Alumni Association - Choueifat (ISCAA) was founded. It was the first alumni association in the SABIS® Global Education Network. The International School of Choueifat - Choueifat, previously known as The National College of Choueifat (NCC), is regarded as the proud mother school and precursor to SABIS®.

Since the inception of the ISCAA - under the guidance of Dr. Samir Alam, H.E. Mr. Fadi Abboud, Ms. Hana Abou Khadra, and board members - we have witnessed a steady local growth. The accumulative hard work has strengthened alumni relations, revived old friendships and cultivated a scholarship program with national coverage.

It is a great pleasure for me to serve as a board member of the ISCAA since 2007 and as president of the latest board (elected July 2019).

Despite all the impediments, 2020 turned out as a very prosperous year for the alumni. Our accumulation of achievements where nothing compared to the unity of ISC Choueifat, ISC Koura and SIS Adma alumni whereby ISC-SABIS® Alumni Association was formed. Represented by a strong, committed, and devoted committee, to serve and build bridges - nationally, regionally and ultimately throughout the network.

We welcome each and every single one’s participation and involvement to help grow a strong, interactive alumni community with shared experiences and knowledge. Continuous engagement and strong alumni ties make the ISC- SABIS® community one of the most vibrant. Your voice will always be heard, concerns contemplated, and professional accomplishments honoured.

Remember that you are our excellence in action, our pride and our strength!

-- Dr. Toufic Eid - President


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