SABIS - A Day with the Lebanese Down Syndrome Association

A Day with the Lebanese Down Syndrome Association

On the 17th of June, 2019, The ISC Alumni Association invited the Lebanese Down Syndrome Association to the Alumni Club House for a very special event. In the presence of ISC faculty and students, and one of the LDSA’s founders, Hana Abu Khadra Salem '73, the artist Lamia Saab Muhtar '69 dedicated a piece of her art work to the LDSA as a gesture of appreciation.

The invitees who have down syndrome energized the event with their positive energy – which they spread through singing and dancing on a whim – and left everyone in awe of their confidence and optimism. Agonist Coffee Shop, a coffee shop that employs people with down syndrome, was also present to satisfy our sweet tooth with scrumptious cookies and freshen up our day with much needed cold smoothies. We would like to thank them for reminding us of the uniqueness of being different and teaching us the valuable lesson of never underestimating any person’s potential and capabilities.