SABIS - Alumni Art Vibes

Alumni Art Vibes

On the 7th and 8th of June, 2019, the third alumni art exhibition “Alumni Art Vibes” took place at the Alumni Club House; the exhibition was exclusive to talented ISC Alumni who are either fully fledged artists or have an artistic inclination. Among the participants were Lamia Saab Muhtar ’69, a multi-media artist; Nabil Richani ’79, a sculptor; Dalia Khalil ’88, a business consultant; Gina Mansour ’90, a photographer; Joumana Jurdy Ghazal ’91, an artist; Dr. Rabee Kiwan ’94, a medical doctor; Yamen Saab ’97, an instructor and creative director; Nisreen Mohtar Ahmadieh ’97, an interior consultant; and Rayan Yehia ’15, a university student.

This exhibition was a fundraiser for the Alumni Scholarship Program which helps financially challenged students pursue their education at SABIS®, so the artists chose to donate part of their proceeds to that noble cause.

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