SABIS - 2022 Board Elections

2022 Board Elections

ISC-SABIS® A.A. Welcomes New Board Members after Historic Elections


The ISC-SABIS® Alumni Association achieved a memorable milestone this year as it welcomed new board members following the online and in-person elections held on June 17 and 18.


For the first time, the elections combined all 4 SABIS® schools in Lebanon: ISC-Choueifat, ISC-Koura, SIS-Adma, and SABIS® El-Metn.


Voters had the option to either vote online through a link they received on June 17 or in person the following day, June 18, at the Alumni Club House, which witnessed a strong voter turnout.


After one round of voting, the new board members were elected and the following candidates were welcomed into the ISC-SABIS® Alumni Association board:


             Dr. Toufic Eid (Class of 76), President

             Mr. Riccardo Hosri (Class of 91), Vice President

             Mrs. Nadine Abdul Sater (Class of 2006), Secretary

             Mrs. Mirna Sibai (Class of 1995), Treasurer

             Dr. Hassan Abdul Aziz (Class of 2003), Accountant

             Mr. Amr Salam (Class of 1973)

             M. Hassan Keshli (Class of 1998)

             Dr. Mohamad Hamade (Class of 2002)

             Mr. Roy Zeenni (Class of 2005)

             Mr. Emil Moawad (Class of 2006)

             Ms. Maria Farhat (Class of 0209)

             Mr. Karam Fakhry (Class of 2019)

             Mr. Nizar El-Kontar (Class of 2020)


The alumni saw the board elections as more than just a voting process, it was also a perfect opportunity for them to reunite with their classmates and relive old memories. It was also an occasion to honor previous board presidents: Dr. Samir Alam, Mr. Fadi Abboud, and Mrs. Hana Abu Khadra. In addition to previous alumni officers Mrs. Ibtissam Saadawi and Mrs. Zeina Abu Zelof, who served as honorary alumni association members, and were praised for their hard work and dedication to the association over the years.


This multi-generational presence at the elections reflected the ISC-SABIS® Alumni Association’s devotion to the school’s legacy and the commitment to preserving its continuity.

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