Scholarship Fund

The International School of Choueifat – Choueifat and SABIS® have prided themselves as institutions that do not let financial difficulties become an obstacle in front of quality education. Similarly, one of the pillars of the mission and vision of the Alumni Association is to support this endeavor, to support students in their pursuit of a worthy education.

Since its conception, this has always been a target we are proud of. All in all, the International School of Choueifat Alumni Association was able to provide 9 students with a scholarship award. Our criteria for selection is very harsh, we read the students files and collaborate with the school to choose students who are of good standing, well-mannered, and in need.

We are proud of this achievement and we hope to continue with the support of our community of alumni and friends to bridge this obstacle and continue to support students to the best of our ability.

Raised: 100% of target.

ISC - SABISĀ® alumni care is the new hub for Alumni support, Alumni to Alumni. Our interconnected network serves to uplift those who are weighed down by the heaviness of the current situation.

If you need support or if you can offer a helping hand to fellow alumni, reach out to us.

United, hand in hand, we will overcome all obstacles.

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