Beirut Explosion

We are deeply saddened by what Lebanon is going through. Nothing can compensate the lives lost and the damages incurred by the horrific blast of August 4, 2020.

As ISC Alumni Association, graduates from the three schools in Lebanon of ISC- Choueifat, SIS-Adma, and ISC-Koura have combined together to help in the reconstruction of damaged areas. Group of volunteers of our alumni engineers, contractors, suppliers and free lancers are working together to rebuild the damaged areas.

Today more than ever we need you and your support to help us rebuild our beloved Beirut.

In addition, if there is any way we can help you or your families, please e-mail us at [email protected].

A warm thank you for each and every one of you and stay safe!

Raised: 60% of target.

ISC - SABISĀ® alumni care is the new hub for Alumni support, Alumni to Alumni. Our interconnected network serves to uplift those who are weighed down by the heaviness of the current situation.

If you need support or if you can offer a helping hand to fellow alumni, reach out to us.

United, hand in hand, we will overcome all obstacles.

[email protected]

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