Serve the Community

In light of the Corona Virus outbreak in Lebanon, the ISCAA is collaborating with the Lebanese Army, to help ease the struggles of people living in poverty.

Ready-made boxes filled with food and essential items were prepared through your donations and distributed. We believe in the power of ISC Alumni- SABIS® network to raise enough funds to help as many families in desperate need as possible.

Don’t hold back, any contribution goes a long way! United, hand in hand, we will be able to lift our community up.

Raised: 100% of target.

ISC - SABISĀ® alumni care is the new hub for Alumni support, Alumni to Alumni. Our interconnected network serves to uplift those who are weighed down by the heaviness of the current situation.

If you need support or if you can offer a helping hand to fellow alumni, reach out to us.

United, hand in hand, we will overcome all obstacles.

[email protected]

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